Late binding in .NET (by yag)

Cameron Beccario was a compiler dev on the VB team (if you ever got to see him explain compiler theory at a user group, you were lucky). He's taken some time off and moved to Japan for a while (we want more pics and entries about that, Cameron). But - thankfully - that hasn't stopped him from updating his blog occasionally. In this entry, he explains how late binding actually works in VB.NET. Enjoy!

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  1. Pavan Sabharwal says:

    Sorry for the personal post, but am just curious if yag is Yair Alan Griver is the same who used to be at GoAmerica. If yes, please drop me an email at

  2. Nikhil Chawla says:

    Hi, Is this same Pavan Sabharwal who was in the US a few years back ?

    Nikhil Chawla

    Verizon Tech


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