Future of the query designer (by Milind Lele)

The VS Data team is working with other teams across the company for defining the future of the Query Designer.

Do you write data access code? Do you write/build queries, reports, stored procedures, views, etc? Help us improve the user experience by taking a short survey (link below).

(Expected time to complete: ~10 mins) http://www.hwdev.org/querydesigner

Do you have ideas about improvements to the query designer? We'd love to hear about them.


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  1. Barry Gervin says:

    Ok first off, if it’s a resizable dialog box, at least make it have a maximize button or remember the size you last had it at. A non-modal thing would be great too – but I can see how that might be odd to integrate into the DataAdapter wizard for example. I like the CTRL-1, 2, 3, 4 for hiding each of the panes, but maybe that could be remembered too.

    Now that we are talking about the DataAdapter, how about it was smart enough to notice your timestamp columns and use that (alone) for doing the optimistic concurrency?

    For complex queries, how about having a new file type (say qry?) so you can save your query to a file. You could then also have a resx file that stores the way you laid out your diagram/panes etc. When you create new adapters or sql commands – you could have an option of loading a pre-saved qry file. I had this in powerbuilder and I missed it.

  2. Eric Newton says:

    I’m hoping that the QueryAnalyzer will stay separate from the actual VS environment… BUT it could be another copy of VS running…

    I find it comforting that when VS crashes, I dont lose my place on my whole computer, only the code part or vice versa.

  3. Lance Delano says:

    Does VS really crash on you that much?

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