This was *awesome* (by yag)

I'm not one to usually post funny things - but having lived in the NYC area for 20 years before moving out here to beautiful Seattle, this thing just struck my funny bone. Raymond Chen points to a guerilla group of performance artists who do live shows on unsuspecting New Yorkers. Gotta agree with him, my favorite is The Mobius as well. To quote the site:

Improv Everywhere agents created a living moebius strip in the Astor Place Starbucks.  Seven undercover agents meticulously repeated a five-minute slice of time for twelve consecutive repetitions.  Starbucks employees and patrons were frightened, confused, and ultimately entertained as they found themselves stuck, without escape, in the middle of a time loop.

Rick Hodder - if you're reading this - you've *got* to join up with this troop! <g>


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  1. Rick Hodder says:

    Just happened to do a search for my name on google and saw this posting – what a coincidence!

    The funny thing is, I think that Matt Arnheiter’s brother is in the group!


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