John Koziol – VS Data / VFP Team Software Design Engineer / Test (by John Koziol – who else?)

Following in the footsteps of Yag and Mairead, this is my bio:

I joined Microsoft 3 years ago as a tester for Visual FoxPro at the end of the VFP7 product cycle. Since then, I have been fully involved in VFP8 and VFP9 as both a tester and manager. For VFP9, I'm doing a lot of report enhancement and other product testing as well as managing test folks and scheduling to make sure we get to RTM on time. When we release VFP9 and you find this annoying bug, I'm probably the guy you want to burn in effigy. I'm also involved with a lot of VFP community work

I've been a Fox developer since 1986. I owned a successful consulting firm in the early 90's and was a senior architect/consultant to an IT consulting firm in Florida in the late 90's. I've designed and implemented applications world-wide for 20 years. In that time, I've learned how to say “oh, sh*t“ in 6 languages. I have coded on ships in high seas (see an earlier blog post), under close guard in hostile countries, in the middle of a natural disaster, and in other improbable situations.  Maybe I'll write a book one day <g>

I was a Microsoft MVP for VFP from 1998 through my employment here (making me ineligible), winning the award 4 straight times. I wrote a lot of public domain samples and utilities which are being downloaded and used to this day.

I was in the US Air Force - Strategic Air Command from 1977 - 1982. I recently explored a base I used to be at 20+ years ago that had been abandoned.  All overgrown and graffiti on the walls.  Very sad but I guess one could say that it's that way because of mission success. I like to think that we're the only military group that ever won our war without firing a shot. One of my usual roommates at conferences is an ex-Soviet military guy who probably had missiles pointed at me when I had bombers targeted at him. And now we're good friends. I like that.

I have a wife and 3 kids, the eldest in college and the youngest 11 years old.

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