Last day at VS Connections in Orlando (by yag)

Well, it's been a busy and fun conference here at VS Connections. The keynote went well - Robert beat me to a description. I've enjoyed meeting with a bunch of people here - both folks that I already knew, and some new ones. People seem to be pretty psyched about VS 2005 and the new features like My, edit and continue and the data features.

I do want to call out one other thing that went on here - Monday night at the “Microsoft unplugged” event, we all got to demo small cool things and take questions. I demoed some of the new XML and XSL editing and debugging features which is always fun. Robert demoed a little application with some great UI - things like gradient fills, nice looking toolbars, taskpane like functionality, and windows toast (that little message that pops up when you get a new message, for instance). He did that all in VS 2003 using some new controls that will be made available sometime in the next few months from the VB site. These are cool controls, totally written in VB and source code will be available as well.

Oh, and one last thing - check out Robert's interview in MSDN Magazine. He's becoming quite the rock star. <g>

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