VFP 9.0 beta download coming in June (by Ken Levy)

In early June the VFP team will release a public beta of VFP 9.0 for free download on msdn.com. To correspond with that release, Microsoft will be releasing several new technical whitepapers on msdn.com about the VFP 9.0 beta. In addition, articles about the VFP 9.0 beta will be included in the June issue of FoxTalk 2.0 and the July issue of FoxPro Advisor, both to be mailed out in June just after the release of the public VFP 9.0 beta. I’ve already started working with Markus Egger and Rod Paddock on the special CoDe Focus issue on Visual FoxPro 9.0 which due out this fall.

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  1. Loadsgood says:

    Will it be available on CD to be shipped out to the world?

  2. Ken Levy says:

    The VFP 9.0 beta will not be available on CD, but by free download only (just like the VFP 8.0 beta was).

  3. DEHAN says:


  4. Tim says:

    Any word as to the Platforms VFP 9.0 will be running on? Mac by chance?

  5. Ken Levy says:

    The platforms for VFP 9.0 will be exactly the same as they currently are for VFP 8.0. VFP for Mac was discountinued in the 90s due to lack of demand for that platform.

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  7. hola como esta soy un programador de systema

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  8. Nikunj says:

    Can we run VFP 9 on windows xp home edition?

  9. ramachandra says:

    how to download vfp9.0 please help me

    my email address cm_ramachandra@yahoo.co.in

  10. i want to download vfp 9.0 beta version

  11. julius says:

    how to download the visual foxpro 0.9? help me pls,….

    my email jhulzz0987@yahoo.com

    thank you….

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