Reports tip for beta and soon-to-be beta users (by John Koziol)

A lot of the new reports UI is controlled by what's in the system variable _REPORTBUILDER.  Wanna play with the new UI?  Leave it as is.  Wanna run legacy UI?  Enter _REPORTBUILDER = “” from the Command Window.

The new extensions to the Report Designer and report engine are awe-inspiring. You've seen some of them at various conference and user groups over the last few months but you really have to play with them all to get a feel for the whole picture. For those needing output into different formats, look at the ReportListeners and the listeners already provided. I think my poor, old FRX2Word class is going to be swiftly obsoleted.

More on this topic later as the beta gets disseminated .....

Comments (2)

  1. denny says:

    Is this in reference to SQL Report Services??

    If so can someone *PLEASE* show how to get the "Printer Delivery" sample to work….. I’m ready to rip it apart and build a WIndows Service to replace it…. Security Sandboxing done to the report server seems to totaly break it on my win 2003 server.

  2. John Koziol says:

    No, sorry, this was a pure VFP tip.

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