It’s way too late to get some sleep (by yag)

It's 3:51am, and I just finished packing for my flight to Orlando. I'll be at VS Connections next week - say hello if you're there. With my free time, I'm gonna try to post a bunch of random things that I've been collecting. Clear the decks as it were before the conference.

One side note - went to the Yes concert tonight here in Seattle. Fourth time I've seen them, first arena date. Steve Howe was in amazing form. If you have a chance to see them on this tour, it's worth it just for the acoustic set that starts the second half... And if you get your pick of spots - take the left side as you face the stage - you'll get to see Howe's hands, and Rick Wakeman's as well during that acoustic set (they set up the baby grand next to Howe).


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  1. Desmond says:

    Although nothing to do with VS, so Yes is still up to speed? That’s great!

    Get some rest…

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