Channel 9 news exclusive on (by Ken Levy)

Alan Griver (yag) and I were interviewed together for the new Channel 9 video weblog on  Both interviews mention Visual FoxPro, our new XML tools coming in Visual Studio 2005, and other tools that the VS Data team is working on at Microsoft.

In the first video with yag and I, Robert Scoble asks,"Why doesn't Microsoft have complete transparency on developer tools?"

In the second video clip, Jeremy Mazner asks, "What are things that couldn't make it into the product and how did you decide to put it off until next version?"

To see the multi-page archive of videos posted on Channel 9, click on the Videos link on any of the Channel 9 web pages.

For more information, refer to the Channel 9 Doctrine or watch the video The 9 Guys - Who We Are.

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