Light weight SQL Server/MSDE administrator (by yag)

I realized I forgot to post this when we started the blog...

The SQL Server Web Data Administrator is available for free download. It's a light weight, web-based administration tool for SQL Server or MSDE databases. I've heard from many of you over the years that you'd like to use MSDE more, but a number of things hold you back. This was usually #1 or 2 on the hit parade. Check it out!


In answer to a few questions - yes, since this uses Cassini, you don't have to have IIS installed or anything else, for that matter - just put it on a machine and go!

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  1. Julie Lerman says:

    Yag, sounds awesome especially if the answer to this dumb question is yes… since it runs on Cassini, that means I can put it on a client computer to access MSDE instead of using ACCESS to manage their MSDE database? There is no web anything going on there. And using Access as the management tool is a drag and very limiting. Thanks

  2. Great news. I’ve being using a number of different MSDE Front-ends, but I’m not comfortable with anyone until now. Having the old Cassini available is nice, since one of the problems I found with others was the need for IIS.


  3. Alex Sosa says:

    I am a user of your Codebook (even today). Thank you.

    I pay attention to what you and Ken do and recommend. I hope MS appreciates you both.

  4. yag says:

    Thanks Alex – and don’t worry – I *love* working here. Lots of freedom to do interesting things, and lots of smart people to do them with…

  5. Desmond Lloyd says:

    Many thanks for posting this! I installed MSDE and with no administration it’s essentially sat, now let’s see what we can do…

  6. Desmond Lloyd says:

    Thanks again, I don’t have the .Net Framework and that had to be installed first. Am assuming that this installed the Cassini stuff. Don’t if you can respond to queries, never the less. Any recommended links for getting started with SQL Server? (broad question huh?)

  7. yag says:

    I’d look at That page includes a link of community sites you can check out also. Finally, has some good stuff.

  8. One gotcha to remember when installing the SQL Server instance is to make sure you use only the SQL Server logins. Won’t work against the Window’s integrated approach. Otherwise it’s very cool.

  9. tahrani says:


  10. Euan says:

    Hey thats really neat!

    Like stated, light weight! Love it!

  11. Newbie says:

    Only problem I can see with this product is that is allows every user that can access it the ability to run queries such as select * from sysdatabases which lists all the databases in the subsystem (or instance in SQL Server terms). How can you stop this? Obviously in a shared environmnet, don’t want user x bring able to see that user y has a database called donthackme….

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