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Welcome to the VS Data team blog. We’ve decided to create a team blog to help ensure more regular content than a personal blog by a few members. So, first things first, let me tell you a little about our team and what we do – I’ll let each person introduce themselves in their posts.


Visual Studio Data is basically the focal point for data usage and thinking within VS. We have a few products and components that we ship, but we’re also heavily involved in cross-divisional and cross-team issues regarding data.


From a product perspective, we ship Visual FoxPro, and we’ve just gone to Beta 1 with the latest version, codenamed Europa. You can find out all about Europa at http://msdn.microsoft.com/vfoxpro/letters/ and there will be a public beta later this year.


As far as components go, we ship the query and database design tools (sometimes known as the Da Vinci tools) that are within Visual Studio (and SQL Server Enterprise Manager and Office). We’re hard at work on some new capabilities there as well – which we’ll talk about in a later post.


Finally, we’re involved with things like SQLCLR, WinFS and most things data as part of our cross-divisional efforts.


As for me, I’m Yair Alan Griver (usually known as yag) – the Group Manager around here. It’s an awesome job, with an amazing team, and I look forward to talking more about it as we go on.


Welcome to our blog!



Comments (7)

  1. Rodman says:


    Nice to see ya posting here….


  2. yag says:

    Great to be here. About time, huh? <g>


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  4. jMM says:

    A yag blog? Go figure!

    So tell us about this new database designer? What is it based on? Is it a physical, logical or conceptual designer?



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