VB Compilation

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One of the folks on our team (Ken Levy) suggested that we put our names at the start of a blog post – so you don’t have to read to the bottom to see who posted. Figured I’d give that a try.

VS Data is part of the RAD Tools group here at Microsoft. This group is composed of VB, .NET Client (Winforms) and us. One of my favorite blogs is by Paul Vick, a lead on the VB development team. He’s started a series on the background compiler, which enables a lot of the “VB experience”. You can read part one here

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  1. Mahavir Jain says:

    Ken Levy is so Smart 🙂 You really need to put the signatures on the top of the article , making it easy to read .

    By the way wanted to thank the entire VS Data Team for the wonderful blogs , I am writing a paper and this helped 🙂

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