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  1. Some developers want to replace Enterprise Manager (as much as possible) with the VS.Net data tools. I know I used the VS6/InterDev data tools more than the SQL Server 7 tools. Now I am so used to using EM (and the coming workbench, I know) that I never use the VS.Net Server Explorer, etc.

    Are there tips/tricks that might

    a) allow developers to replace SQL EM

    b) tempt me back to the VS data tools?

  2. Scott Gowell says:

    Version Control … VSS vs other products.

  3. Just wondering if someone have considered the possibility of a "VFoxPro/VStudio for Quantum computers edition"…

    That’s all!

    warm regards,


  4. Tim C. says:

    Hey, I was just wondering if yag and Don Box are identical twins separated at birth. The resemblance is uncanny!

  5. Malcolm Greene says:

    Does MS have a strategy for unifying things like formatting strings across all its development tools – .NET, VFP, and MS Office VBA dialects?

    I would like to use the same formatting strings in VFP as I do in .NET. Before attempting to implement String.Format() in VFP I’m wondering if this is functionality that:

    1. has already been implemented by someone

    2. is on the drawing board for VFP at some point in the future

    3. has been reviewed and intentionally not implemented in VFP



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