Excellent series on Corporate Transparency (by yag)

Like Josh, I fall more on the “we should show this to customers” side of things – but I think that Josh does a great job discussing all the issues involved in getting more transparent as a corporation. I highly recommend this series of posts. Have a great New Year! Part 1: What Comprises Transparency?…


My condolences (by yag)

My condolences to all those affected by the earthquake and tidal wave. I was in Chennai and Pondecherry a few weeks ago – beautiful cities and beaches. My heart goes out to all those there. If AnandM is reading this, please let us know you’re safe. yag


VFP9 Ships! (by yag)

I know lots of the folks on the team have already mentioned it – or mentioned that we’re really close to shipping. I just wanted to publicly add my congratulations to everyone on the all the teams that helped to ship VFP9, and to our customers who spent time working on the beta and giving…


VFP 9 SHIPS!!!!! (by John Koziol)

We are done with the puppy.  See Ken or Calvin’s blog or the product website (http://msdn.microsoft.com\vfoxpro) for more information.


Problems connecting to Oracle on Windows Xp Sp2? (By Mike Droney)

One of the many new features of Windows Xp Sp2 is that Windows Firewall is turned on by default.  For those of us who connect to Oracle in Whidbey on a regular basis, this has affected us greatly.  All of a sudden, the Oracle listener would start spouting error codes like there was no tomorrow…


Application events in VB2005 (by yag)

One interesting thing about VB2005 is that it ships with a lightweight application framework that provides a number of interesting events. One of those is NetworkAvailabilityChanged. Strangely enough, it fires whenever you go from online to offline and back again. To access the framework, go to MyProject in Solution Explorer and double-click, bringing up the…


Visual FoxPro 9.0 news (by Ken Levy)

I just posted several news items related to Visual FoxPro 9.0 and other Visual FoxPro topics on my blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/klevy. Members of the team will still be making VFP related blog entries here, and check out Calvin Hsia’s blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/calvin_hsia if you haven’t already (Calvin is the lead developer for VFP on the…

Channel9 video on Visual FoxPro 9 (by yag)

Ken Levy, our groups Product Manager, was interviewed for a Channel 9 video about the upcoming release of Visual FoxPro 9.0. You can see it here.


Binary serialization of datasets (by yag)

ADO.NET 2.0 includes binary serialization of datasets for remoting. Via Beth Massi’s new blog, here’s a pointer to a gotdotnet user sample that she created in VB.NET that provides the same capability today. yag

A Simple Walkthrough for deploying a SQLCLR Stored Procedure (by Brad)

Walkthrough:  Simple deployment of SQLCLR Visual Basic Stored Procedure   The Yukon release of SQL Server allows functions, procedures and triggers to be written in any of the .Net languages. User code can access data from the local or other SQL servers using the Sql Programming Model.   SQL Server Yukon includes a managed provider…