Announcing Visual Studio Code Beta

Announcing Visual Studio Code Beta

Today at the Connect(); 2015 event in New York, we announced the release of Visual Studio Code Beta.  You can download it right now from  

This is the most significant release since the launch of the initial Preview on 28th April and we have a number of exciting announcements to share with you.  Read on to find out about…

  • Extensibility [Plug-in] Support in VS Code
  • Extension Marketplace/Gallery
  • Extensions Ready to try Now
  • VS Code is Open Sourced
  • VS Code November Release – Features
  • What’s next for VS Code


Extensibility [Plug-in] Support in VS Code

With this update we added extensibility support to VS Code and released a set of guidelines, samples and tools to support the community in the creation of extensions.  This has been the most requested feature since we launched VS Code and it’s great to be able to cross this item off UserVoice:

Extension Marketplace/Gallery

To complement the extensibility mechanism, we have also launched an in product gallery and web based extension marketplace.  These allow you to discover and install extensions.  To open this up in VS Code, simply hit ‘F1’ and select ‘Extensions: Install Extensions’.


Alternatively, you can browse the Extension Marketplace at



Extensions Ready to try Now

At launch we have over 50 extensions in the gallery for you to try out.  We got there by working with the community over the last month to build extensions that span: languages, linters, color themes, snippets, debuggers and more

Each extension has its own dedicated page in the marketplace with additional information and context.


I guess that’s one more UserVoice item we can cross off J



VS Code is Now Open Source

Another very popular request has been to release VS Code as open source.  Today we did just that and pushed the VS Code source to our new public GitHub repository.  We are really looking forward to working on this product with you.


Of course, that’s one more UserVoice item completed:


VS Code November Update – Features

While the majority of focus has been on extensibility support and open sourcing the project it would not be an update to VS Code if we did not also add additional core features.

  • Extension SDK: With the code yeoman generator you can quickly scaffold a new extension, open it in VS Code, and press F5 to run and debug your code
  • Debugging: Streamlined experiences for adding watches, launch configurations for different runtimes, and better visualizations of errors and warnings
  • Languages: Improved support for consuming the latest TypeScript compilers, PHP now uses PHP-L for linting, and better theme support for many languages with additional colorization tokens
  • Snippets: VS Code can now consume snippets from TextMate bundles


For more information, please see the November update.


What’s Next for VS Code

Our roadmap document outlines our themes and priorities for the next 6 months. We encourage you to join the conversation, submit issues and feature suggestions, create extensions, and even make pull requests on the core product.

And yes we plan to also cross this UserVoice item off the list in the near future…



It’s been an incredible first few months for VS Code – we really appreciate the energy and feedback we have gotten from you.  At the Connect(); event, we also announced that we have had over 1 million installs of VS Code since we announced the Preview.  Very exciting times for all of us and this is just the beginning!


Happy Coding!

Sean on behalf of the VS Code Team