Visual Studio Code – July Update (0.5.0)

Visual Studio Code – July Update

It’s that time again – we just published the next update to Visual Studio Code.

This is a pretty cool update that includes a set of requested features – the most prominent of which is ES6 support.  We have a blog post on that that we will publish shortly.  Here is a quick summary from the Updates section of our website.

  • Several updates to how we handle files, including file and folder filtering in the explorer, opening files via the command line at a specific line number, re-using an existing instance when you open multiple files, ability to control the size of the working files list.
  • Improved editor options that include support for removing trailing whitespace, improved search patterns with include/exclude filters.
  • Significant JavaScript updates including ES6 support, jsconfig.json, improved /// reference management, additional workspace settings
  • Git enhancements, including an integrated credential prompt, multi-line commit message support and improved control over auto-fetch
  • User-defined snippets support, and more built in snippets for common languages, i.e., Dockerfiles, Python, and Rust.
  • Debugger enhancements including watch expressions, and improved Node.js breakpoint and source map support.
  • Other Stuff: Proxy support, auto-update enabled for Mac and Windows, notable bug fixes

This release is available now – see how to update to get the bits.



Sean McBreen – Visual Studio Code Team Member