The VS Code Blog has moved!

The VS Code Blog is moving! We want to be your one stop shop for all things VS Code, so we’ve recently moved our blog there as well. This lets us use the same tools for the blog that we use for documentation, especially VS Code itself for authoring markdown. Bookmark and watch for… Read more

Introducing Insiders Builds

VS Code has its roots in the web (it is built using TypeScript and Node.js) and one thing we love about cloud based applications is that they are always up to date. Update the service and all of your users are instantly on the latest fixes and features, with no user interaction. This is why… Read more

Designing the VS Code extensibility API by watching developers build extensions

We were really excited to announce our extensibility support for VS Code at the Connect(); //2015 event on Wednesday 18th November. We’ve been working on this for a number of months now and it’s great to see the large number of extensions that have been created in the month since the announcement. In this blog… Read more

Visual Studio Code Beta Update (v0.10.3)

Today we are releasing an update to the VS Code Beta release that addresses a significant regression in startup performance, potentially followed by a crash of the tool. Startup performance is critical to us and some people were reporting 10-15 second startup times, which is why we decided to make this fix now and push… Read more

Announcing Visual Studio Code Beta

Announcing Visual Studio Code Beta Today at the Connect(); 2015 event in New York, we announced the release of Visual Studio Code Beta.  You can download it right now from   This is the most significant release since the launch of the initial Preview on 28th April and we have a number of exciting… Read more

Visual Studio Code 0.9.2 (or, how many squares do you see?)

Today we have released VS Code 0.9.2 to the public and it has something to do with squares. Looking at the picture below, how many squares do you see? You might be surprised to know that there are 40 squares. Some are obvious to spot and some are hiding well. Writing code is similar. Writing… Read more

Visual Studio Code – October Update (0.9.1)

The October update is now available!  Check out the VS Code website for details on everything that is included in this release, including: Create your own editor themes and language syntax colorizations using TextMate .tmTheme and tmLanguage files Extensions can be installed into the ~/.vscode/extensions folder, making them persistent between upgrades of Code The Debug… Read more

Updated Windows Installer For VS Code

Hi, With our September update we moved our installer technology from Squirrel to Inno Setup for our Windows distribution.   We have had a number of people ask us why we did this.  So we thought we would share a little background. Since our initial launch in May we received feedback from Windows users on our install… Read more

VSCode Documentation moves to GitHub

Hi, Since we released VS Code, we have worked hard to have a great set of docs to help you get started.    We think of the docs as a core part of the product.   We build them with VS Code as a set of Markdown files.  We then use a Gulp task to transform… Read more

Visual Studio Code – September Update (0.8.0)

Visual Studio Code – September Update (0.8.0) Hi, We just released the September update for Visual Studio Code.    Head over to our website to find out about everything that’s included.   You may notice that the version for this update is a little difference from the previous sequence (where public releases were odd numbers).  With this… Read more