July 2010: MSDN Library Content Update: Modeling the Application

We published the following updates last month. Please let us know how useful
these improvements are to you and if there are other areas that you would like
to see covered? For more details about additional July VSALM content updates,
click here.

Modeling the Application

In addition to the highlighted topics below, corrections and improvements
have been included in many topics from your input in the Community Content
section at the bottom of each topic. Please keep them coming!


How do you organize your modeling projects? New material this month:

Modeling Solutions
Suggests how you can divide the project into separate solutions that
correspond to the components on layer diagrams.
Visual Studio
Architecture Tooling Guidance
Provides practical guidance about how to use the modeling features in Visual
Studio Ultimate by addressing various scenarios and including a list of
frequently asked questions.


Visualization and Modeling SDK – Domain-Specific Languages

Integrating domain-specific languages with each other and with UML models is
on the menu this month. These new and revised topics show how to link models
using ModelBus. They include examples and new walkthroughs.

Accessing Models
from Text Templates
Explains how to access a model by using the DSL directive
Integrating Models
by using Visual Studio Modelbus
Explains how to make links between models, and how to navigate the links in
program code.
Using Visual
Studio Modelbus in a Text Template
Describes how to handle interlinked models in a text template. This topic
includes a walkthrough in which you set up a DSL that is accessed in both a text
template and in other code.
How to: Add a Drag
and Drop Handler
Let your users drag elements from one diagram to another. Shows how to
include objects in the dragged prototype, and how to drag to or from a UML
Shows how to define your handler as a MEF component. Includes brief
discussion of ElementGroupPrototypes.
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