Using Different Numerals in Silverlight

I just added a new blog post on my team blog about how to convert numbers from Arabic to Indic. The nice thing is this post works for any platform not only Silverlight. It also include the complete Silverlight code sample to demo this conversion. So read the full details at our team blog

What does it mean to have Arabic Support in Silverlight 4?

Really that means two things: 1)      Silverlight 4, now displays Arabic properly. On earlier versions, the characters were reversed and appeared in their isolated form. Now we finally have Arabic letters combined and shaped properly. 2)      Second, we have a new property specific for Arabic display. “FlowDirection” We kept a consistent behavior with WPF FlowDirection…

Silverlight 4 Beta available, with Bidi Support

This is a truly exciting time to see the beta of Silverlight 4. Finally after 3 versions we have Arabic support in Silverlight. This is really great news and a great chance for Arabic Silverlight users. I would like people to try it out and download it and give it a try. This is our…


Silverlight Arabic Support

In short, there is no Arabic Support in Silverlight 2, however there are some workarounds.  There is a specific solution from Santeon check the website, . You might also check out CodePlex , there are a couple of solutions, and I downloaded and tried the first solution. It’s interesting but not bug…