Arabic Windows Forms Applications

This is another article that I wrote earlier about Arabic WinForm applications. I’m republishing it for your reference. I hope you enjoy it too. You are sometimes faced with some challenges to develop Arabic applications. Most of these issues are due to the fact that Arabic is a right-to-left (rtl) language, where the letters are…


When should you set RightToLeftLayout and RightToLeft?

I got a question from a previous post, about when should we set RightToLeftLayout, and RightToLeft in the code. His scenario is as follows: He has a multi lingual Windows Forms application. In the case of Arabic, he sets RightToLeft at runtime, depending on a value in his resources. If his UI is English then…

What is RightToLeftLayout?

I discovered the is now redirected to a new MSDN page. In the past I published some articles about Arabic developement that is still relevant to date. So I’ll re-publish them through my blog. So I’ll regularly add some of my existing articles to the blog and keep more Arabic resources in this blog….


Layout Controls Properly without Re-arranging them Manually

I had a question last week from a customer who wanted to display a right-to-left WinForm but doesn’t want to manually rearrange the items from right-to-left. What would be the recommended way to obtain the correct layout without rearranging the items?The recommended solution is to use the new *LayoutPanels (TableLayoutPanel and FlowLayoutPanel) and SplitContainer instead…