Arabic Abjad Keyboard for Windows Phone 7.1

Ever wanted a keyboard that just works? Here you go, fully functional and compatible with WP7 7.1 (Mango) Arabic Abjad Keyboard available now for Windows Phone 7.1, Abjad Keyboard You can now correct misspelled words by tapping over them and then correcting or deleting them. لوحة مفاتيح عربية سهلة الاستخدام ومرنة. تأتيك الآن بواجهة بسيطة…


Get Traffic to your Website

Everyone wants to be the first page to be returned by a search engine, to get more traffic and do better business. When a search engine returns its results, how do you rank up, instead of down in the search results? How Google, Bing or Yahoo decide, who takes first place? This is really a…


Text Rendering

There are numerous classes presented by GDI+ and GDI for rendering text on Windows Forms. The GDI+ Graphics class has several DrawString methods that allow you to specify various features of text, such as location, bounding rectangle, font, and format. In addition, you can draw and measure text with GDI using the static DrawText and…


Arabic Microsoft Terminology

So, this is not a developer related post but I think this helpful to developers writing Arabic applications. Over the past 5 weeks I talked with several developers and MVPs in the community, in addition I reviewed some of the Arabic developer content. I noticed that there were no standard for Arabic terms in programs…


Make yourself heard on Visual Studio 2010!

The Global Developer eXperience, team prepared a survey to collect your feedback on how you use Visual Studio 2010… If you used the Arabic CLIP, or the Arabic MSDN library, then please take this survey and give us your feedback and usage of Visual Studio 2010… it only takes 10 minutes to complete. With this…


Team Activities Update

My team prepared some channel 9 videos around World Readiness. So far, we published 3 videos as an introduction to the topic, and soon we will prepare more specific recordings. You can watch these videos at In addition, we also started a blog dedicated specifically to world-readiness, globalization and localization topics. Most of my…


Optimizing Page Load Time

I enjoyed this article and thought it would be nice to share with my blog readers. Optimizations For Improving Page Load Times. I found some useful tips and ideas about measuring page loading, reducing the file size\ http requests and distribution of the load.


Middle East Cool Photo Competition

Enter The Island: IT’s the best job in the World competition has started and going pretty fast. Become a fan of “Enter the Island” and upload a cool photo of your IT workspace – the most “liked” picture will win a trip to Mauritius!For more details, visit http://www.middleeast/enterisland


Arabic Visual Studio?

It’s been such a long time since my last blog entry but I’m finally back. I had a very long time Out Of Office (OOF), I really re-charged my energy but I’m swamped with work. So many things happened since my last blog. The launch of Windows Server, 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server…


My first blog post

Hello world! This is my first blog post… It’s about time to do this…   My blog is about developing Arabic applications and I wasn’t sure whether to start my first post in Arabic or in English… but finally decided that my target audiance is not only Arabic speaking developers but also non-Arabic speakers who want to…