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Arabic is one of the highly ranked internet languages in the world… so the topic of Arabic SEO is very interesting, especially for this blog audience. How to improve the ranking of Arabic Web pages?

There are several factors that contribute to good SEO practices… but I’ll specifically focus on the issues particular for Arabic.

1)      Your website hosting. You have to be sure that the Arabic hosting company is reliable. That insures that the speed from clicking on the search engine link to browsing the page is good. The search engine monitors how long it takes to navigate to the page… the faster the host the more the search engine like your site. Therefore it’s a good thing to invest in a good hosting company.

2)      Arabic is a language spoken in more than 15 countries.. each country has their own culture but share this common language. To target a specific country you have to be able to address your target.

  1. a.       The Arabic formal language usage is also different from one country to the other . For example the word “boy” in a country is “ ولد”ina second is “صبي”  , and in other regions “غلام”… All of them are correct and understandable by other Arabic speakers but the word’s relevance depends on the country\region.
  2. b.      Include colloquial word or phrase that is common in everyday, unconstrained conversation rather than in formal speech or formal writing. So this will create a stronger bonding with your target audience.
  3. c.       If your target audience are comfortable in writing Arabic in a Latin script (English or French) characters. For example, the word “3oud” for “عود”. It makes your site more friendly and attractive to the target audience.

3)      Let people talk about your site!

If people from your region and community shares links, likes and positively talk about your site… search engine will pick up this info and start to notice your site.

Finally, SEO doesn’t happen overnight... it needs good SEO implementation and time... so be patient and consistent in the value you offer people and your site will be rewarded.

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    This post is really very much informative and very much high quality post.

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