RightToLeftAutoMirrorImage, what’s that?

It’s a mouthful, but we wanted to provide descriptive words for this property. This property is in the Strip controls, the MenuStrip , ToolStrip , StatusStrip , and ContextMenuStrip controls, in WinForms. When you set RightToLeft=Yes, your strip control items are automatically rearranged from right-to- left. Even more, there is an additional property for the rtl images.

By default, you should not mirror images, but in specific cases , you need the images to the rtl too.

RightToLeftAutoMirrorImage resolves common issues with rtl users, who use directional images, an example of directional images are the arrows with next \previous images.

In this specific case, you need your image to be mirrored too. This property mirrors automatically the ToolStripItem image when the RightToLeft property is set to Yes. Otherwise this property doesn't have an effect on your control.

This is the code snippet to mirror the Help image, in a toolstrip:

// helpToolStripButton

this .helpToolStripButton.DisplayStyle = System.Windows.Forms. ToolStripItemDisplayStyle .Image;
this .helpToolStripButton.Image = ((System.Drawing. Image )(resources.GetObject( "helpToolStripButton.Image" )));
this .helpToolStripButton.RightToLeftAutoMirrorImage = true ;
this .helpToolStripButton.Text = "He&lp" ;


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