International Domain Names, here we go

Arabic has now become the first non-Latin script to be used as an International Domain Name. Arabic is among the most highly used languages on the Internet today. Users in the region will now have easier access to the Internet, with the ability to use their primary language for the entire domain name.  For example, موقع.وزارة-الأتصالات.مصر .  More site from Saudi and UAE will soon follow

So they started big. Arabic is a bidi language and there are so many consistence issues. If you paste mixed Arabic and English text in applications you probably will get display differences of your string. Besides the consistency issues, there is also the security issue of people seeing the URL and are actually directed to the other sites. We started the journey of Arabic Domain Names but it’s not an easy task.

More international names are being releases. Cyrillic domains http://президент.рф & http://правительство.рф

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