Silverlight 4 Beta available, with Bidi Support

This is a truly exciting time to see the beta of Silverlight 4. Finally after 3 versions we have Arabic support in Silverlight. This is really great news and a great chance for Arabic Silverlight users. I would like people to try it out and download it and give it a try. This is our chance to evaluate the Arabic support early and give our feedback. You can check the official website Silverlight 4 Beta : The Official Microsoft Silverlight Site.

For an interesting demo you can watch Karen’s Silverlight session during PDC SilverLight 4 Overview. At around 33 mins you’ll see Mona chatting in Arabic with Karen J

What you need to start try it? These are your tools:

·         First, you need VS 2010 Beta 2, for a quick download I suggest using the Visual Web Developer Express (.EXE)

·         Next, Download Silverlight 4 Tools.


How to submit your feedback?

You can log your bugs, issues and even suggestions through

Log the issues under Silverlight 4 beta. Include in your title the word “BIDI”, so we can better track Arabic\bidi issues.


In the following days I’ll have some posts on Arabic Silverlight support. So check back for more info.

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  1. Parham says:

    I have posted a bug related to displaying some fonts in isolated form here:

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