Exchange is down

It’s a sign!… I need to write a new blog post … I skipped last month because I had so much work … this month I also have too much work… so, what should I do? …. The only answer happened this morning.

This morning, I have exchange connectivity issues and I can’t access my emails J… I tried to access my email from both machines, and then I tried to connect through OWA but no luck. Finally I went to our IT website and found that my email exchange server is having difficulties. I’ve been worried about my emails that I sent yesterday and people’s reply… but now, it’s out of my hand… I’ll sit and blog until I get my email workingJ

I just came back from a visit to Egypt where I met with customer, Microsoft Egypt team, MVPs and MSPs. I sat down to gather feedback and share our plans. It was a blast, people are so excited about our products Visual Studio, Team System, Silverlight. The MSP s in Egypt were so excited and eager to know more about how to start their careers… their eyes were glowing brilliantly as they talked about their future… It was so refreshing to see such an excited bunch J

So I didn’t speak about Arabic development this time… but I’ll do soon… so see you around

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