Developing Arabic WPF applications – Part 2

There are a few cases where FlowDirection does not behave as expected. This blog covers two of these exceptions.


An Image represents a control that displays an image. It can be used with a Source property that defines the uniform resource identifier (URI) of the Image to display.

Unlike other UI elements, an Image does not inherit the FlowDirection from the container. However, if the FlowDirection is set explicitly to RightToLeft, an Image is displayed flipped horizontally. This is implemented as a convenient feature for developers of bidirectional content; because in some cases, horizontally flipping the image produces the desired effect.


In addition to an Image, another interesting element is Path. A Path is an object that can draw a series of connected lines and curves. It behaves in a manner similar to an Image regarding its FlowDirection; for example its RightToLeft FlowDirection is a horizontal mirror of its LeftToRight one. However, unlike an Image, Path inherits its FlowDirection from the container and one does not need to specify it explicitly.


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