Changing the Web-page direction on the fly

To create Arabic webpages, we don’t only need to translate the web-pages but we also need to change the page direction to right-to-left (rtl). There are two ways to set the page direction on the fly, without hard coding the “dir” attribute. Below is a discussion of the two methods, including some code samples.  …


VBAME.DLL is the Middle East support file, for VB 6.0

This blog entry, is a flash back because I’ll talk about VB 6.0, I got several complains about using RightToLeft property with VB 6 applications… Although it’s not a new topic but I found little info about it on the internet, so I thought that it would be useful to share this information. Actually, this…


Quick tips on having Arabic web pages

I’ve been busy on reviewing some Arabic webpages for the past two weeks. I thought the results might be interesting to share in this blog. Let’s assume that you have some English pages and you need to produce the Arabic pages. First step, send the text to do the translation. Set dir=”rtl” on the page…


Which DB provider should DBPro support?

The DBPro team is collecting input from customers on which 3rd party (non-Microsoft) database providers they should be partnering to provide support for. Please take this survey:


Developing Arabic WPF applications – Part 1

I’ll talk today about developing Arabic applications in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). The main property for right-to-left display is FlowDirection. FlowDirection is similar to the Windows Forms RightToLeft, but not exactly the same. FlowDirection simply sets the direction and the layout of the control. This includes setting the alignment to the right and the reading…


Layout Controls Properly without Re-arranging them Manually

I had a question last week from a customer who wanted to display a right-to-left WinForm but doesn’t want to manually rearrange the items from right-to-left. What would be the recommended way to obtain the correct layout without rearranging the items?The recommended solution is to use the new *LayoutPanels (TableLayoutPanel and FlowLayoutPanel) and SplitContainer instead…


Switching RightToLeft causes the controls to flicker

I got a question from a customer in pain over the unwanted flickering of his application when he switches between English and Arabic.His scenario is simple; he has a multilingual application and wants to switch the UI between English and Arabic at runtime. The logic is that he would change his UI Culture , load…


Changing the input language in a textbox at runtime

Today, I’ll talk about changing the input language for a textbox at runtime, in VS 2005. The might have two textboxes and each would expect a different input language. In my example, I need TextBox1 to receive Arabic input, while TextBox2 should receive English input. These are the steps to do so:Step 1: Enumerate the InputLanguage…


ContextMenuStrip images don’t update quickly, if you have controls with different RightToLeft settings

A customer complained that the ContextMenuStrip didn’t render images correctly when assigned to more than one control, where, some controls were RightToLeft, while the other controls were not RightToLeft. In this case, the context menu doesn’t update its layout, so that it doesn’t render from RightToLeft to LeftToRight quickly. The solution is to enforce the…


VSTS International customer survey

I know that I just started my blog but my team has created this survey to know your feedback about VSTS. Please take the time and complete the survey and please forward it to other people, who might have input. Thank you in advance for your input.  Your opinion counts!