Help Us Make Visual Studio More Accessible!

I’m Aaron Brethorst, the Program Manager responsible for Accessibility and User Interface Consistency throughout Visual Studio. The team I work with is very interested in building up a contact list of our users who use Visual Studio with any and all accessibility settings enabled: Screen readers and other assistive technologies. High contrast mode. Large fonts….


Visual Studio Core Team's Accessibility Lab Tour Activity

What s the Accessibility Lab? The Accessibility Technology Group on campus has a lab with numerous licensed-versions of Assistive Technologies (ATs), including Motion Trackers, Screen Readers, Screen Magnifiers, Braille Displays, Speech Recognition, and so forth.  Their lab is opened to any team or person on Microsoft campus interested in using Assistive Technology.  Using their lab is so straight-forward that…


Results from an informal usability study with an ASP.Net developer who has low vision

Last week, Aaron, our Accessibility Program Manager, and I did an informal usability study with a Visual Studio .Net 2003 user who has low vision. I shouldn’t say it was a usability study, since a usability study implies asking the user to perform certain tasks. Instead, we just discussed accessibility with Roger Van Houten, a…


References from CSUN Presentation "Accessibility in Visual Studio ("Whidbey") and ASP.NET"

Microsoft Accessibility Accessibility Information for Developers Microsoft Visual Studio Homepage FIX: DataGrid Made Compliant with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1998;EN-US;823030 GW Micro – Window Eyes Homepage


Accessibility Macros for Visual Studio 2003

As I demo’ed at CSUN, here are the Accessibility Macros for Visual Studio .NET 2003. These macros allow users to tweak the Visual Studio .NET 2003 IDE by easily increasing and decreasing font size, toggling colors in the editor to pure black on white (or vice versa), and maximizing tool windows. I’ve created a GotDotNet workspace for…


"Hidden" Keyboard Shortcuts in Visual Studio 2005

I’m calling these keyboard shortcuts “hidden” because they are not bound to any commands, so you won’t be able to find these under Tools – Options – Keyboard.   Keyboard Shortcut To Reach the Command Bar Toolbars   To reach the standard toolbar that 99% of the time lives under the Main Menu, use the…