The Foundry Vancouver: Design Patterns

Last week, I had the opportunity to deliver a talk about Object Oriented Design Patterns to the Foundry Vancouver folks.

Since it was their last "lecture" before getting all into the action, and it was early Friday, I expected them to be a bit bored or something... Fortunately, it wasn't the case. Their energy, willingness to learn (and teach some stuff to this old salt  ) was inspiring.

Although I'd delivered similar talks and workshops before, this is the first time it was not in Spanish. I really wish the language wasn't that much of a barrier anyway.

We talked about different topics, including:

  • What's a Design Pattern
  • Why are they important
  • Why you want to learn Spanish if you travel to Mexico
  • How to implement a factory in C#, using dragons, because dragons are cool
  • The fact that I can't 100% remember Toothless/NightFury
  • How to implement a builder in C++ (yup, believe it or not, I still remember a bit of C++)
  • Some builders in the Android API (they aren't doing Android, but just because)
  • C3PO as an adapter
  • How being a father is, in some aspects, similar to software
I hope they had as much fun as I did, and I'm super excited to see what they'll create by the end of their internship. If they keep the attitude and energy that they displayed on Friday, I also hope they become my colleagues sometime soon!
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