MSN Apps & Web – Insiders, we need to talk (back)

If you're a Windows Insider, and you're in a build greater than 14315, you've probably seen a super cool change in the Feedback Hub. You can comment, now! What about MSN feedback then?



Being able to talk back to your awesome feedback is a great way of letting you know when we've released something based on your suggestions, or when we need more data (and what kind of data we need). A few weeks ago, I sat down with other MSN folks and started answering back to some of your feedback.

Evidently, our list was not super exhaustive. But we were able to reply on several thousands of feedback items (many of which follow similar themes, but still).

I don't want to spoil all the surprises, so I invite you to check the feedback you've left for our apps and web, and see if it's been acted on, or a comment has been added to it. Here are some examples, though:

  • MSN Money App - Commodities tab not working
  • MSN News Web - Breaking News stream not loading
  • MSN Sports App - I want to pin my favorite team
  • MSN Weather App - Manual and automatic refresh

There are more feedback items with comments. And we'll definitely try to keep them flowing. You keep the feedback coming, too (good or bad 🙂 ), and if you can't see the Feedback Hub with commenting capabilities, jump to the Insider train!

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