MSN Apps – We love your Feedback

Howdy, MSN (Apps) Users!

We love reading your Feedback. You're so passionate! The apps are there to help you know more, do more and experience more of the Windows 10 awesomeness, so knowing how are they accomplishing that goal is extremely important. 

I asked my buddy Jakov to go through the top-voted feedback items that we've addressed. Ironically, one of them is that we don't pay attention to feedback. We do, we really do! I hope this post is proof of it. There are some things we may not be able to do, or not as quickly as we'd like to, but every little upvote and feedback piece matters so please keep it coming!

Anyway, here's the super list. Please note: this is not a comprehensive changelog.

Fixed on

  • All - Content loading slowly for users in China
  • All - "An Error Occurred, Please Refresh" when refreshing
  • Money, News - Can't disable notifications
  • Money - Russia Rouble doesn't display symbol
  • Sports - Last Column in Standings table is cut off
  • Weather - Lots of cities are missing

Fixed if you have Windows 10543 or higher:

  • All - Some web news fail to load
  • Weather - Map doesn't load

Fixed in our end, no need for you to update:

  • Weather - No data for China after 10/19
  • News - Service not available starting 10/22


Cool, eh? So now you know: your feedback matters, and we'll try to keep you posted on how each new app version reflects that. Also! If you're still seeing any of the above, you can either leave a comment here or on the Feedback app. That would be super helpful!

Thank you!


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  1. Steoheb says:

    I know you people love and use our feedback but we don't see enough evidence of this. Monthly blog posts on top five most trending and upvoted where you discuss the items and if you are or aren't dealing with those items would go a very long way to showing us feedback gets used.

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