Adding back a section to your MSN Home Page

Howdy, MSN Users!

While reading your feedback, I saw someone having issues with adding back a section. Particularly, he/she removed the "Money" section from the Home Page accidentally and couldn't get it back.

Well, in case this happens to someone else... Here is how to do it!

  1. Click on the arrow at the top-right of one of the sections you still have there. For example, News.
  2. Click "Add Section Below"
  3. Click "Money" (or, whatever section you'd like to add) and "Done"
  4. The page will reload. Your section should be back!


Every now and then, new sections get added to the list -particularly in events like Halloween, or elections, and depending on your geographic location. I recommend you check often 🙂 !

Comments (1)

  1. SimorC says:

    Well, simple enough.


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