Visual studio stuck "Waiting for parse to complete" – Resolved


I tried all sorts of things including machine restart but did not work.

I realized the issues is because of the corrupted user solution file.

So to resolve this go to the folder with solution file.  From the menu chose to see hidden files.

You will find yoursolution.suo file .  Delete it and restart the visual studio and try to open the solution.  It should be back

Comments (7)

  1. Raffaele says:

    Thank you! Worked for me (VS2013 Ult)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks! Saved me heaps of time. VS 2013 Pro Update 4

  3. Ed says:

    Thank you!  Saved me from deleting local work!  Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate

  4. This works... kind of. says:

    This works for the first time you go back into VS but the issue can ALWAYS reoccur for no apparent reason.

    Is there no way to turn this "parsing" off?

  5. Umair Qidwai says:

    Thanks Alot! Worked for me.

  6. Nageshwar Rao Pinna says:

    Thanks a ton!! It worked for me.

  7. mohamed says:

    Thank you! Worked for me (VS2015 Community)

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