Windows Server? – What Windows Server?

In a comment to one of my previous posts Dmitry asked: “I’d like to find details about different versions of Microsoft Windows like Server 2008, HPC Server 2008 and HPC Server 2008 R2. What is the difference between them? It’s very hard to find a table which would give such comparison. Is R2 just an…


Look, it’s a Server – OS

Today, April 1st, Microsoft launched a new family member of the Windows Server family. Windows Server 2008 Foundation. Mary Jo Foley calls it a “new netbook-like Windows Server option”. You can read today’s press announcement right from the delivery room. The newborn’s nursery can be found here. Even though just born released, it already sports…


The Windows Server Family is expecting …

… a little brother, Foundation Server. Sorry, is it a sister? While the Windows team is still somewhat tight lipped, you should expect more details over the next weeks. Exciting! Resources: Windows Server Homepage Windows Server Division Blog


MIX09 “On The Cheap”

There’s so much exciting stuff planned for Mix this year that even a (server) OS guy like myself wants to go. Not that they talk big about my subject. BTW, why not? Well but that’s beside the point. In today’s tough economic times it is even harder to make the decision going to a conference….


Windows Backup/Restore from a network location

The Core Team has posted really helpful information on how to use Windows Server backup to run a complete system restore over the network. Scott assures us the same process applies for Windows Vista. Read the full post with screenshot at the source: Windows Server Backup 2008 Restore from Network Location


Windows, Memory and the limits to it

First of all, no matter how much memory you put into your system, it ain’t enough. And this is true for all or at least most of the operating systems. Earlier this week Mark Russinovich wrote a blog post about "Pushing the Limits of Windows: Physical Memory." Needless to say, it is another great writeup…


Windows HPC Server 2008 now in the top 25 of the Top500 List

We are very excited to share with you the news of a major achievement for the Microsoft HPC program.  Running Windows HPC Server 2008 the HPC Performance Team recently completed a Top500 run on the fastest HPC cluster at National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). This specific cluster had previously established a Top500 entry at…


Windows Server 2008 Virtual Labs

You all know Virtual Labs, right? If not, here are the first four good reasons to get them to know better. Jason just posted the first 4 labs about Windows Server 2008 technologies. And more to come! New to Virtual Labs? Here’s the gist from about the portal: "Try out products in a virtual online…


What is Windows Server 2008 like anyways?

You don’t want to miss the new When I saw the internal announcement I thought: "Well, a robot. Ok, so what’s new?" I was about to bitch about it. Good I waited. Pretty agile boy the new Windows Server 2008. Best thing: That’s him … or it … or … whatever. Cool videos highlighting…


Windows Server 2008 Launch

Today’s the day. Windows Server 2008 officially launches. The keynote is currently on and you can watch it live here: Today is a day the whole company has worked for for a long time very, very hard. I believe it was worth every day, every hour and every person’s effort! A great product that…