Netbook or Notebook?

I can tell you, I love Windows 7 on the ASUS 1000HE. I mentioned it already? All this rah rah about netbooks are netbook and not notebooks and you only use them for web surfing. Windows 7 (Win7) and the 1000HE make all the difference. At least for me. Over lunch I installed Office 2007….


Netbook memory upgrade

Just upgraded the 1000HE from ASUS from 1GB to 2GB. No obvious difference in Win7 performance. Apps seem to run faster now. I just had to install Office 2007. Runs very well with the built-in 1GB but feels snappier with 2GB. TaskMgr still shows only 700MB used. Am I old fashioned? A netbook is a…

Netbook and Windows 7

A combination that goes together extremely well. Over the past months I read a lot about netbooks and the Twittersphere is full of netbook enthusiasts twittering about their experiences and the fun they have. So I decided it was time for me to try one out. I ordered an ASUS 1000HE. Mainly for these reasons:…


Windows 7 Manageability Overview

End of last week Microsoft published the IT Pro 30 page guide “Windows 7 Manageability Overview”. The information might have been lost over all the noise about CeBIT and recent announcements and the weekend. From the content: Windows 7 Manageability Overview    Increased Automation    PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment    PowerShell Cmdlets    PowerShell Remoting    PowerShell Eventing    Automating Management…

My 2 favorite Windows 7 blog posts

I have more than 2 but these two are at the top. Brandon Live: Windows 7 Beta hotkey cheat sheet Tim’s The Bumper List of Windows 7 Secrets


Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 Application Quality Cookbook

The well known guide for developers has been updated. Find most relevant information about application compatibility, reliability, and performance in the recently updated “cookbook”. “This document familiarizes Application Developers with how to verify the compatibility of their applications with the new operating system and provides an overview of the few known application compatibility issues in…


Installing Windows 7 on a MacBook Air

Roughly a year after my Windows Vista installation on a MacBook Air (MBA), it is time for an update. Running Windows 7 for quite some time on my personal laptop and on my office systems, I decided it was time for an upgrade. Vista runs great on the MBA. I almost never had any issues….


NUMA in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7

Phil just posted a series of videos/screencasts on Channel9 explaining the concepts of NUMA (Wikipedia) support in the upcoming Windows releases. Check out the posts and more details about support for 64+ processors in Windows on the MSDN Code Gallery.

Windows 7 – Beta Drivers for Microsoft Hardware

If you are running a beta version of the Windows 7 operating system, the following information can help you find a beta software and drivers to download for your Microsoft Hardware product. I have a VX-6000 connected to my office PC and Windows Update suggested a driver download for my webcam that did not do…