Hyper-V Check Tool for AMD Processors

Ben just pointed to a page on AMD’s website containing valuable processor related tools for free download. The one of importance here is obviously an "AMD Virtualization™ Technology and Microsoft® Hyper-V™ System Compatibility Check Utility." Who said only Microsoft comes up with "interesting" names for products. Info about the tool: "This utility checks your system’s…


Hyper-V Release Candidate available

YES, RC0 of the Microsoft virtualization solution Hyper-V is available for download. John Howard has an excellent and extensive blog post about the details. Please pay close attention to his post and read ’til the end before you install the bits! It is important to follow the steps outlines in John’s post, that’s why I…


VHD compatibility between Hyper-V and Virtual Server

Honestly I was shocked when I read John’s recent post about "Are VHDs compatible between Hyper-V and Virtual Server and Virtual PC?" Hestarts off with some "No, not supported" cases and I almost immediately started felling nauseous. Thankfully I read the full post. Towards the end there is relief: Now let’s look at some “yes”…


Virtualization Starter

TechRepublic published an article about the” 10 things you should know about virtualization.” If you are new to the whole virtualization thing, it will certainly get you started. The author, Debra Littlejohn Shinder, is right, “Virtualization is a huge topic, and this article is only meant to provide an overview of your options.” She briefly…


Hyper-V WMI API Sample Code

Ben kept word. Yesterday he started his "Week of Hyper-V Scripts".


Series of Virtualization Podcasts on InfoWorld

A series for five short and comprehensive podcasts will be published on InfoWorld’s blog. This week the first has been posted. Below some info about the complete series. The podcasts can be found here. Podcast Descriptions Episode One: Top Virtualization Myths Industry Analyst, Dan Kusnetzky, Principal Analyst at the Kusnetzky Group, outlines virtualization myths and…


Hyper-V WMI Interfaces published

Well, I guess this is something all developers and IT Pro’s have been anxiously waiting for. The Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) provider for virtualization and the hypervisor API enable developers, and IT professionals, to quickly build custom tools, utilities, and enhancements for the virtualization platform. The WMI interfaces can manage all aspects of the virtualization…


Hafnium helps increasing performance of virtual environments

On Nov 11th Intel already announced a "Fundamental Advance in Transistor Design," extending  Moore’s Law and therefore computing performance. You find the full press announcement here. Why’s it important in the context of virtualization? Well, not only are these new chips using the element Hafnium to be more "Eco-Friendly", the new processor architecture also has…


One of the largest Virtualization conferences

One of the largest Virtualization conferences of the industry seems to happen this week in Barcelona, Spain. Microsoft Teched IT Forum. Obviously not a pure virtualization conference but the Microsoft technical event for IT professionals. But if you look at the number of sessions and the many different aspects of virtualization that are covered, IT…


Hypercall API published under OSP

Today Microsoft announced that it will extend the Open Specification Promise (OSP) to the hypercall API within Windows Server virtualization, and the final version will be available at the RTM milestone of Windows Server virtualization. Today Microsoft posted an updated draft of the hypercall API to Microsoft’s website http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2008/virtualization/default.mspx so that partners can continue to…