Installing Windows 7 on a MacBook Air

Roughly a year after my Windows Vista installation on a MacBook Air (MBA), it is time for an update. Running Windows 7 for quite some time on my personal laptop and on my office systems, I decided it was time for an upgrade. Vista runs great on the MBA. I almost never had any issues….


Virtual HPC Cluster Deployment on Hyper-V

The blogs on are picking up steam. Great to see more and more folks from the product group starting to post! I missed one from a few days ago but wanted to bring it to your attention anyway. Yutong Sun posted a blog entry about using Hyper-V virtual machines to set up a Windows…


Apple has passed Dell in the classroom

Tim Cook, Apple’s COO, mentioned it at the Goldman Sachs Technology Investment Symposium a few days back: "We just received word on Monday that Apple surpassed Dell as the number one supplier of portables to US higher education for 2007." I found the info on Computerworld’s website and on 9to5Mac. Impressive. I very much hope…


Installing Vista on a MacBook Air

Unable to resist I got myself a shiny, slim new MacBook Air (MBA). While I am used to Mac OS X, I wanted it to run Vista so I can also take it to work. My MBA has a 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and a 64GB solid state drive and I bought a…


Office 2008 for Mac

The coolest Office Suite ever is available in the stores now. If you watched Steve Job’s keynote at MacWorld today, you have seen it already. If not, check out the website and the Mac Mojo blog. My favorite feature is the Notebook view in Word.

Stunningly aluminum

I agree with Jason, absolutely stunning. If Microsoft does Office for Mac, why doesn’t Apple make keyboards for Windows ( I mean, with all the keys I would need…)? I’d buy 2. Virtually Yours


Vista and Leopard race to the line misses the point

iTWire misses the point – again: "For Windows users, who happen to constitute 90% of desktop users on the planet, they will finally have a system that affords them a level of security that Mac users have enjoyed for many years." You can’t compare the two.Wait until the market share of the Mac OS grows….


Parallels to support Vista?

Wonder where they are with their project to support Vista. as guest on a Mac. Benjamin Rudolph kind of promised Vista or ACPI support for that matter in Parallels before Vista ships. Uuhhh. Let’s hope we stick to our current ship date. Can’t wait to see Vista in Parallels on a MacBook. Although there are…


MACBU and MSTSC and RDP 6.0 :)

Today I meet with Brian. Brian is Product Manager in the MACBU (Mac Business Unit). Brian and team work on Microsoft products for the Apple Mac. Definitely a cool place to work. Everyone seems to have at least one MacBook (Pro) or better. Channel9 did a video some time ago. You can find it here….