Current 64-bit Insider Newsletter

Folks have been asking for a location to download the 64-bit Insider Newsletter I once put together. Well, it had been in several locations over the years. While still considering to review the existing documents, here’s a link to the current documents. Please be aware that things, especially Visual Studio, have changed since the time…


64-Bit Insider Newsletter

Oh no, 64-bit again. Please, leave me alone. … Can’t do that. While the Microsoft evangelism team does not evangelize 64-bit directly anymore (there’s no program or alike), we (and I in particular) continue to receive a lot of questions on 64-bit development. Mainly due to the fact that our HPC solutions are only available…


64-Bit Insider Newsletter final issues posted

Finally I was able to upload the missing 3 issues of the 64-bit Insider. Unfortunately they do not have the same fancy layout as the previous letters. But it is about the content, right? The 3 issues can be downloaded from or directly: Volume 1, Issue 13, Advanced Optimization for 64-bit Processors Volume 1,…


64-Bit Insider

Folks, thanks for all your feedback and comments about the 64-bit Insider newsletter over the past months. The last issue has been posted a while ago. That said, I still have 3 more issues in draft mode. Over the next days I will convert them into a more digestible format and post them. The three…

Issue 12 of the 64-Bit Insider is available

“Under the Hood with COM in WOW64” is the title of the 12th newsletter. In this issue we examine the different techniques that allow Component Object Model (COM) libraries to work seamlessly in Windows® 64-bit. This issue also discusses how and why it is possible to have side-by-side 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the same…


Issue 11 of the 64-Bit Insider is available

The latest version is titled “Inside the WOW64” and it keeps what the title promises. All stuff about the infrastructure that supports 32–bit applications on Windows 64–bit. Enjoy: VWPimp up your server – Windows Server Code Name “Longhorn”

Issue 10 of the 64-Bit Insider is available

This week’s issue talks about “Remote Debugging an Unmanaged Application in Windows 64-bit.” Direct download here. This issue is in Winword format. I’ve upgraded my machine to Vista Beta 2 and some of the tools stopped working and didn’t continue to work after reinstall. What a shame. BTW, there are many cool alternatives to create…


64-Bit Insider newsletter

The newsletter is soo late this time. Apologize and thanks for reminding me :). I will post it later tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks for your patience. VW

Issue 9 of the 64-Bit Insider is available

An Introduction to 64-bit Installers: Part 2. Continuing last week’s part 1, the final part talks about yet another approach you can follow when working with installers that deploy 32-bit and 64-bit components: nested installers. Is is as always available in the Evidence section of 64-Bit Computing Advantage or via direct download. VW

Issue 8 of the 64-Bit Insider is available

A new issue of the 64-bit Insider has just been posted. I am again late, sorry folks, but I believe it is worth the wait. This week we give an “Introduction to 64-bit Installers with Visual Studio 2005”. It is a 2 pat document and the first part has been published on It is…