TechReady is like PDC or TechEd but better

Arriving at the venue in Downtown Seattle I started filming the internal crowd. I’ll post the video later. After meeting with old friends from Germany and Singapore I attend the first meeting. Currently I am in a HPC session my coworker Giovanni is delivering. He is sharing insights from years working on HPC with large…


CCS back on the Top500 list of Supercomputers

From a Microsoft press release: Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 served as the underlying operating system for a new HPC cluster at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities, which is a part of one of the largest financial services institutions in Japan. Its expanding derivatives business will leverage a Windows-based clustering to enhance risk-management practices and reduce simulation…


Bye Bye Dresden

Dresden is a great city and the people of Dresden have been outstanding hosts. Thank you. Today I am leaving for a few days with the family up North and then back to Redmond, WA. As you have seen from my posts over the last few days, ISC07 was a blast and it was a real…


CCS Partner Momentum

Microsoft is the main sponsor at this year’s ISC in Dresden. Many Microsoft partners show their support. In his keynote address today Microsoft fellow Burton Smith talked about new approaches to software development where everyday computer programs must be able to execute in parallel on multiple microprocessor cores, allowing developers to build more powerful, humanistic…


Silicon Valley of Saxony

In his welcome address Dr. Knut Nevermann, Saxon Minister of Science and Fine Arts again stressed the importance of Dresden as the Silicon Valley of Saxony. He also expressed being proud of hosting the second largest event in Supercomputing in Saxony and in Dresden in particular. After the announcement of this year’s SC awards by…


New TOP500 list announced at ISC07 in Dresden

The 29th version of the list of the 500 supercomputers will be announced later this week in Dresden. Dr. Erich Strohmaier, Computer Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA, will share the new list during his opening session “Highlights of the 29th TOP500 List”. Last time Microsoft was on the TOP500 with CCS for the first…


Microsoft at ISC07 – Day 1 – Staff Briefing

Wow. If you are at ISC’07, you want to attend the morning keynote tomorrow at about 10:3am. Burton J. Smith, Microsoft Technical Fellow, former chief scientist at Cray/Tera Computer is delivering the note. You can already checkout a preview of this ISC’07 keynote  address. Some very important announcements coming tomorrow. Too bad I can’t talk…


Arrived in Dresden

After another short flight from Hamburg I arrived in Dresden last night. The weather was (and still is) not too good. Lots of rain showers during the day and night. Be it as it may. A wonderful city with wonderful people. Great to be here. Now, off to the Microsoft ISC’07 staff briefing. Virtually Yours


On the road to ICS in Dresden

Almost there. After a bad night sleep on SAS 938 (the f… seat was not working and totally worn), I have arrived in Hamburg, the second stop over on the way to Dresden. Internet access (wireless) is EUR 5.00 per hour using the SPECTRUM hotspot. Are these guys nuts? Well, at least Internet access. On…


International Supercomputing 2007 Trivia

Yesterday I met with folks from the HPC product team to discuss technical evangelism efforts in fiscal year 2008 (July ’07 – June ’08). Really exciting stuff is coming your way. But more about that later. This year roughly 5% of all attendees at ISC’07 in Dresden, Germany are Microsoft employees. So if you do not…