Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 Videos

If you want to learn about what’s new in HPC Server 2008 R2 or want to see who’s behind the product, go to the HPC Show on Channel9. Wen-ming just posted a larger number of new videos and screencasts. The product is currently in beta and scheduled for RTM sometime in 2010. New videos: Windows…


Windows HPC Kit available Today

Wenming has collected the most valuable Windows HPC Server 2008 technical resources in one place, It is a great collection of technical documents, presentations and training for developer and IT Professionals. Everything you need to get started and beyond in one convenient place. All content is freely available for online and offline consumption. Should…


Pixar Celebrates 20 Years of RenderMan at SIGGRAPH 2008

From their press announcement today: "RenderMan Pro Server 14.0 introduces significant performance enhancements including accelerated ray-tracing, faster processing of large polygon datasets, optimized hair performance, faster AOV’s, and enhanced threading scalability. New core features that facilitate the development of custom tools include a re-rendering mode for accelerated interactive shading and lighting, a new SDK for…


Windows HPC Server 2008 Head Start

Later this year Microsoft ships the second version of the Windows HPC Server SKU, Windows HPC Server 2008. This product is a real milestone product for Microsoft and – I certainly hope – for the industry as a whole. Tejas Karmarkar a HPC Solution Specialist at Microsoft: "Microsoft is making wider adoption of HPC possible…


Job Templates

Over at Barndawgie (?) has written a great post about scheduling jobs for a Windows HPC cluster via templates. So called Job templates are by no means something new, so why even bother to blog about it? Well, turns out the product group has received a lot of questions about how to use them….


Microsoft HPC++ CompFin Lab

What’s that? At least a pretty cool offering! The HPC++ Labs in general are an incubation effort within the Microsoft HPC Server product team. Some of its goals are: Demonstrate end-to-end integrated HPC solutions using Windows HPC Server 2008 and Microsoft productivity and developer products Develop expertise in operating end user focused compute and data…


More Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 for Free

Thank you all for the email and for registering on the Windows HPC Community Portal. And yes, I have received more copies of CCS 2003 SP1 that I will give away for free. As with the previous set of freebies, please go to and sign up as a member. Once you have signed up,…


Windows HPC Server 2008 CTP released

Today the product group has released the HPC Server 2008 Community Technology Preview (CTP). This is the next major milestone on our way to RTM. As always, the software is available via Microsoft Connect. If you are interested in the CTP build, please visit this page on Microsoft Connect. You’ll have to provide a bit…


Try Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 for Free

— Please see update below — You have checked out our community portal for HPC,, and have downloaded a few of the samples, maybe the LINPACK code and now what? Where the heck do I get the bits to try CCS? There are a few option for you. Read ’till the end! You can…


Windows HPC Server – Introduction to Job Templates

Job templates are defined by the admin and used by users when submitting jobs to an HPC cluster. Ming Xu, he’s working in a lead position on the Job Scheduler in the HPC team here at Microsoft, has just published a document "Introducing Job Templates" on the HPC community portal To give you an…