TechNet Edge Content in local languages – Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Some time ago TechNet Edge started introducing videos and screen casts in local languages. We use tags to identify the “foreign” (read: non-English) language content. In case you are only interested in content in your local language and in case our fellow evangelists in your country or region have created local content, it is marked…


Visit The TechNet Edge Lounge at TechED US

The TechNet Edge Lounge is back. Like the year before, Microsoft worldwide ITEs host friends, guests and celebrities at the lounge for IT Professionals, Developers, Architects, basically everyone at TechEd US. You find the lounge in TechEd’s center of gravity. In the main exhibition hall, embedded within the MSDN/TechNet Zone. If you are a Microsoft…


Microsoft Twitters a lot

In a recent blog post Adam Kinney has put together a list of Microsoft Twitter accounts. At least one is missing. TechNet Edge, @tnedge. The Twitter account for our IT Pro video and screen cast portal.


Secret TechNet Edge RSS Feed

Ever wondered why you missed a video on TechNet Edge even though you subscribed to the all-up RSS feed? Well, it might not be the all-up feed. – on purpose – only lists videos that make it to the homepage. Now here’s the Edge RSS feed that has it all: TechNet Edge RSS feed….


Microsoft webcast series on Gartner 2009 Predictions

Starting in March Microsoft folks in the UK run a series of webcasts for IT managers covering the top predictions from Gartner for 2009 from a Microsoft perspective. Curious George lists then nicely. Date and Time in GMT Title Event ID Wed 18th March, 4pm Virtualisation 1032404083 Wed 25th March, 4pm Cloud Computing 1032404086 Wed…