Windows Server 2008 RTM

A Reason to Celebrate. From an evangelist point of view, today is THE day. Windows Server 2008 has been released to manufacturing (RTM). This day the whole company has been working for very hard. Both, Windows Server 2008 RTM and Vista SP1 are important milestones for Microsoft. Being a server evangelist, the server RTM is…


Windows Server 2008 Developer Center

The one-stop-shop for developers wanting to learn about developing software that takes advantage of Windows Server 2008 features is now live with a new and improve Application Compatibility guide. This portal has all necessary information, samples, insight, evidence, videos, blogs, podcasts and more for folks developing for Windows Server 2008 or migrating applications to take…


Debugging apps on Windows Server 2008

Jason maintains the "Developer meet Server" show on Channel 9. He just posted a podcast/audio recording/video where he sits with two very interesting folks from the Windows team going deep on "…debugging application compatibility issues (and some of the things Microsoft has done to mitigate typical app compat issues we’ve run into)." GO and get…


Developer Meet Server

Jason maintains his own Channel 9 show under the name "Developer Meet Server". The show exists some time already and has provides very good content for developers interested software development on Windows Server 2008. Windows Server 2008 will ship soon and many software firms, large and small, are working on providing new and enhanced features…


Windows Server 2008 Online Events in August

Thought I share a list of upcoming online events around Windows Server 2008 with you. Virtually Yours     Chat: Windows Server 2008: Management, Security and Improved Performance for Your Remote Infrastructure Add to Calendar | Join the Chat Room August 28, 2007, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Pacific Time Join us for a Q&A…


Windows Server 2008 Logo Program

With Windows Server 2008 aka. “Longhorn Server ” ante portas (at the gates or in this case RTM’ing soon) the stack of available solutions and applications supporting the next generation server OS becomes more and more important. As usual we have plenty of tools, support and infrastructure in place for partners wanting to participate in…


IIS7 now in Server Core

One of the great features of Windows Server 2008 is the Server Core installation. Only the basic OS feature set is installed. No UI, no IE, none of the other fancy stuff. While this is great is terms of manageability, reduced attack surface deployment, foot print among other things, the one piece missing was Internet…


Windows Server "Longhorn" Beta 3 Chat

More goodies around the Beta 3 release. On the Windows Server Division Weblog the team announces an “… online text based Q&A in real time. Management, Alex Hinrichs-Group Program Manager, Joseph Landes-Director of Product Management, David Lowe-Senior Product Manager, and Ward Ralston-Senior Technical Product Manager to discuss what’s new in Windows Server “Longhorn” Beta 3.” You…


Inside Vista’s new image-based install

Our very own John Pritchard from Microsoft Australia’s Enterprise Partner Group talks about the new imaged based install on APC Magazine. Verdict: Nice read. Tags: Vista, Image-based install, XP, WIM


Windows Server “Longhorn" Webcast Series – The Next Generation

Do you want to learn more about Windows Server “Longhorn”?  Do you want to hear the latest and greatest about the next generation server operating system from Microsoft?  Tune in to this webcast series for IT professionals to get a tour of Windows Server “Longhorn”.  Learn how “Longhorn” will help you maximize control over your…