MMS Day 1 Keynote Recording

Go watch the MMS 2011 keynote recording from day 1 on TechNet Edge.


Windows 7 Application Compatibility – an IT Pro Guide

App Compat is only for developers, right? Not quite. If you are an admin you know what I am talking about. Lots of application – many of them still on Windows XP – need to be migrated to support the rollout of a new OS. Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit only) and Windows 7 (64-bit…


TechNet Edge Content in local languages – Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Some time ago TechNet Edge started introducing videos and screen casts in local languages. We use tags to identify the “foreign” (read: non-English) language content. In case you are only interested in content in your local language and in case our fellow evangelists in your country or region have created local content, it is marked…


TechEd 09 on TechNet Edge

Last week TechEd 09 happened in LA. The Edge team talked to a lot of important and interesting folks at the event. You can watch all videos on the portal. Look for the teched09 tag. BTW, the team did not manage to finish and upload all interviews. Expect more interesting content during this week.


Visit The TechNet Edge Lounge at TechED US

The TechNet Edge Lounge is back. Like the year before, Microsoft worldwide ITEs host friends, guests and celebrities at the lounge for IT Professionals, Developers, Architects, basically everyone at TechEd US. You find the lounge in TechEd’s center of gravity. In the main exhibition hall, embedded within the MSDN/TechNet Zone. If you are a Microsoft…


Secret TechNet Edge RSS Feed

Ever wondered why you missed a video on TechNet Edge even though you subscribed to the all-up RSS feed? Well, it might not be the all-up feed. – on purpose – only lists videos that make it to the homepage. Now here’s the Edge RSS feed that has it all: TechNet Edge RSS feed….


TechNet Edge has its own Twitter Feed

Today the TechNet Edge team started twittering. Up to date information and details about the latest posts on Edge are now available via Edge RSS feed and the new Edge Twitter feed. Looking for your feedback!


Windows HPC Server 2008 Head Start

Later this year Microsoft ships the second version of the Windows HPC Server SKU, Windows HPC Server 2008. This product is a real milestone product for Microsoft and – I certainly hope – for the industry as a whole. Tejas Karmarkar a HPC Solution Specialist at Microsoft: "Microsoft is making wider adoption of HPC possible…


technet Edge in Your local language

With the latest platform update of our IT Pro Community portal TechNet Edge we introduce a bunch of fixes and new features. My favorite is Edge in your local language. Pick your preferred language settings in your profile and off you go. Find out what the community has to say in Adam’s latest report. Joey…


TechNet Edge Perimeter? What?

Ok, if you are an IT Pro working on Windows stuff you probably know It is also likely you know TechNet Edge, the community portal for IT Pros. And maybe you have come across a section called Perimeter on Edge. Perimeter is the Edge way of speaking what’s on your IT Pro mind and…