Windows on 64-bit

On January 17th at the Intel Developer Forum Intel announced its support of a 64-bit instruction set in their Xeon product line. The new technology will first appear in the “Nocona” Xeon processor in the second quarter, as well as the “Potomac” multiprocessor Xeon in 2005. The technology will also be used in the enhanced…


Intel to support 64-bit instructions in Xeon line

Now it is official. 64-bit with the appearance of an extended instruction set in Intel’s Xeon line and with AMD’s 64-bit Opteron and Athlon product line, 64-bit is ready for the masses. Graig Barett at IDF just announced an extended instruction set for the Xeon processor. COOL.


About the importance of being 64-bit

As member of Microsoft Partner Strategy and Platform Group I am working with ISVs and enterprise developers on 64-bit Windows migration projects. I believe that over the next few years all hardware vendors will replace their 32-bit offerings by systems that will be capable of running 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and applications. If you…