Installing Vista on a MacBook Air

Unable to resist I got myself a shiny, slim new MacBook Air (MBA). While I am used to Mac OS X, I wanted it to run Vista so I can also take it to work. My MBA has a 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and a 64GB solid state drive and I bought a…


Who needs 64-bit?

Wrong question. Didn’t we ask ourselves a similar question years ago when we all felt (kind of) comfortable in the 16-bit world and this 32-bit thing eventually appeared in Windows? Yesterday I’ve seen my boss sending out a lengthy email response to an internal Microsoft alias where an honorable person (non-MS) asked the very question….


Installing Windows 7 on a MacBook Air

Roughly a year after my Windows Vista installation on a MacBook Air (MBA), it is time for an update. Running Windows 7 for quite some time on my personal laptop and on my office systems, I decided it was time for an upgrade. Vista runs great on the MBA. I almost never had any issues….


Windows 7 download Available

Go get ’em. Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SKUs are now available on MSDN in the subscriber section.   Correction above. Thanks folks for catching that the server is NOT yet available for download.


32-bit optional in Windows Server 2008 R2

You may not but have have been waiting for a looong time for this to be happening. We finally ship an operating system where the support of 32-bit applications has become optional. All 64-bit baby! I’ve been blogging about 64-bit Windows for some time. Less frequent in recent times, more frequent in the past. With…


Who said MSN Search does not work in XP x64 Edition?

 I guess it was me and I was partially wrong. Not currently support but MSN Desktop Search works on my Windows XP Professional x64 Edition on the Ferrari 4000 (after unauthorized tweaking the LaunchCondition section of the MSI with ORCA) or using msiexec /i <your path goes here>\MsnSearchToolbar.msi NOLEGITCHECK=1 after downloading and locating the MSI file during…


VHD Test Drive – New Image

VHD Test Drive has posted a new image for download on Microsoft Connect. This morning we uploaded an image with SQL Server 2005 and Exchange Server 2007 in one image. Partners have been asking for this particular virtual machine for quite some time. In total we currently provide 5 different images that can be enhanced…


Running a Windows HPC Server 2008 cluster on Hyper-V

Recently Giovanni posted a document on the Windows HPC community portal describing how to set up a virtual HPC cluster. The ZIP file (did he use his MacBook to write the doc? :)) contains also sample code that can be executed against the virtual cluster and examples that show how to use the new admin…


Windows HPC Server 2008 Head Start

Later this year Microsoft ships the second version of the Windows HPC Server SKU, Windows HPC Server 2008. This product is a real milestone product for Microsoft and – I certainly hope – for the industry as a whole. Tejas Karmarkar a HPC Solution Specialist at Microsoft: "Microsoft is making wider adoption of HPC possible…


Hardware Virtualization Check Utility

How do I find out if the processors in my laptop, desktop or server supports resource virtualization? Does my system run on Intel-VT or AMD-V? There are a few tools out there allowing to check either one or the other vendor’s processors or they just return the build and stepping and you have to look…