TechNet Edge is moving to a new platform

image There’s always room for improvement. We’ve been very lucky to be part of a web portal platform that hosts so successful websites as Channel9. In our quest to become better and serve our subscribers and visitors better we decided to take the plunge and to move to a new platform. In migrating TechNet Edge onto the proven TechNet platform we will be able to work closer with the overall TechNet teams and provide a more integrated experience for visitors to TechNet and to Edge.

From the Edge homepage:

TechNet Edge is moving to a new website location on September 1st, 2010.  We feel this is a great change for everyone and a long-term strategy for the continued growth of Edge.  All of the content which exists on Edge will be migrated over to the new site.  You can expect the features you enjoy today such as:

  • Home page river of news with RSS/Zune/IPod feeds
  • Subscribing to content by tag
  • Downloading various media types (WMV, Zune, IPod)
  • Sharing the content via Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Your own user profile page and being able to comment on posts
  • Language-specific content and River-of-News
  • Topic Areas

Please note: to ensure a smooth transition from today until September 1st we have to disable the creation of new user accounts and comments on Edge so we can migrate everything over.  After we migrate, all of the Edge URLS (including the RSS feeds) will automatically redirect to the new site, so you shouldn’t have to do anything.  Enjoy the sample screenshot of what the new site will look like and stay tuned into Edge!

So things might become a bit bumpy over the coming week but we’re convinced it is well worth it. Please be patient with us and continue to support TechNet Edge on the new portal platform. We love to serve you better in the future!

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