HPC Server 2008 – PDC09 Prep Guide For Server Guys+Gals

This post focuses on a series of select sessions closely related to the Windows Server platform. Read all related posts.

The post highlights selected sessions and gives guidance on what to read or which website to check out to make the most out of your visit to PDC2009.

Certainly not complete but something to get you started.

Windows HPC Server sessions @PDC2009

Accelerating Applications Using Windows HPC Server 2008

Learn how to accelerate your applications by multiple orders of magnitude using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Microsoft Excel, and Windows HPC Server 2008. See how easy it is to offload the calculations from a desktop application to an HPC Server Cluster using the HPC SOA programming model, with emphasis on performance tuning best practices.


Data-Intensive Computing on Windows HPC Server with the DryadLINQ Framework

Come get an overview of the DryadLINQ features and runtime environment, and walk through some real-world examples of DryadLINQ programs based on the familiar declarative syntax of LINQ combined with the fault-tolerant distributed graph scheduling of the Dryad runtime. Hear how DryadLINQ provides a programming model and runtime for data-parallel programs running across large clusters and partitioned data sets.


See you @PDC09.

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