Windows 7 download Available

image Go get ’em. Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SKUs are now available on MSDN in the subscriber section.


Correction above. Thanks folks for catching that the server is NOT yet available for download.

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  1. required says:

    I didn’t see 2008 R2 there (it’s not even listed under the Operating Systems area in the left nav bar) and the server team’s blog says it won’t hit MSDN until the 14th.

  2. required says:

    Note that the availability of the debugging symbols (from screen shot) doesn’t mean the actual SKU is available 🙂

  3. MrNitPick says:

    Not only is the sever not available, the server is not available, either 😉

  4. give some better speed for help me

  5. I want to install this window on my pc

  6. Fred says:

    Oh no! I missed the free download of Windows 7 by an hour!

    Ah well, it couldn’t hold a candle to Ultimate Edition 2.3 (linux) anyway.

    But I’m still bummed.

  7. Fred says:

    And 2008 RC2 is now available to the general public.

  8. EGO says:


    i installined windows 7 on my pc,and about  2  hours i  looked  evry where and NOT NEW

    Just same of shem and  photo and  vishual  are new.

    but the basic  thing is same

    internet expolwer+controlpanel+most of the thing is same.

    but the  windows iso dvd. includ alot of  of  driver  example sonud card+graphic …ect,,,

    generalty this windows +vista+xp is same and have same idea.

    and the Point here is MONY.,.Microsoft want More Mony that is the point

  9. Aryaan says:

    Hi I m Aryaan, let me download windows 7 for free for my PC.

    thank you.

  10. prabhanshu says:

    hi i want to down load windows 7

    thank u

  11. raja says:

    window7 a operating system which satisfy all sensesation of the is more user friendly . this is the   OS which awaited by many countries.

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