Look, it’s a Server – OS

Today, April 1st, Microsoft launched a new family member of the Windows Server family. Windows Server 2008 Foundation. Mary Jo Foley calls it a “new netbook-like Windows Server option”.

You can read today’s press announcement right from the delivery room. The newborn’s nursery can be found here. Even though just born released, it already sports most of the features of the Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition.

Since it is from the same gene pool source code, you should expect the same level of security, reliability and manageability as the other family members. So what’s different then?

  • Price: It is an entry level server and therefore more affordable than other versions of the Server family.
  • Hardware support: One processor, 8GB of RAM, no Hyper-V support
  • Availability: Windows Server 2008 Foundation is available through Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) only.

Windows Server 2008 Foundation is already a genius when it comes to languages. Out of the womb box it fluently speaks English, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Japanese, and Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified).

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